Copper Sculpture

Hornbeam Copper Wall Art

Standing 6 feet 5 inches, the Hornbeam is a statuesque piece.

Made from pure copper, it can be displayed inside or out and be perfectly at home.

Hornbeam copper tree wall art


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Eternal Tree Sculpture

eternal tree copper wall art on yellow wall


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Copper Rose

The perfect gift on your copper aniversary

copper rose


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Small Windwept Tree Sculpture

Small copper silhouette of a windswept Tree

windswept tree


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Small Love Tree Sculpture

Small copper silhouette of a Love Tree

Love tree click for details


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Copper Toadstools on a Log

A trio of hand beaten copper Toadstools, mounted onto a wooden base


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Trio of Copper Toadstools

copper toadstools

A trio of hand beaten copper Toadstools


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Frog & Toadstools Sculpture

frog and toadstools

A Frog taking shelter under a cluster of copper Toadstools


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Dragonfly & Bulrush Sculpture

dragonfly and bulrushcopper dragonfly

A simple sculpture to sit alongside the pond or in the flowerbed.

Both the Bulrush and the Dragonfly are made entirely by hand from pure copper.

This ensures that they will last indefinitely outside in the garden.


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