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Cargo Folding Table

fermob folding cargo table in poppy fred

The above image illustrates how you can push two Cargo tables together to make a huge outdoor dining area.

Fermob Cargo Table - Code: 0241

128 x 128cm (seats eight people)
No parosol hole

A large folding table, which can be brought out for those occasions when you are entertaining a lot of guests and then simply be folded up and stored out of the way. Alternatively, you can erect the table in the garden and just leave it in place. The very high protection treatment which it has been subjected to, will mean it will stay in pristine condition for many years.

fermob folding cargo table



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Steel sheet table top
Very High Protection Treatment for outdoor use
Anti-UV powder coating

Guaranteed for 3 years

Fermob Protection

Very High Protection Treatment

Index 22 (Cataphoresis) - This high protection treatment includes 22 steps including 18 different baths to obtain an optical protection of steel. It is applied as standard to Fermob Cargo tables.

fermob protection treatment

The 100% polyester anti-UV powder paint by DUPONT is applied on the surface of the metal by electrostatics for an optimal coating and is then baked at 193°C

Guaranteed for 3 years