Lead Garden Features


Lead Water Features


Bacchus Lead Water Spout

Bacchus lead water spoutSuitable for use as a water feature. To be fixed to a wall, running into a suitable cistern or trough.

Made in Britain


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Lion Head Water Spout - LH13

lion head water spout

A small Lead Lion head water spout approximately 6" in diameter

10mm spout

Made in Britain


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Lead Sculpture & Ornament


Child Lead Sculpture - B8

cherub lead statue

Reproduction of a popular 19th century figure.

Hand made by British craftsmen and hand finished to a very high standard.

Made in Britain from solid lead


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Lead Frog

Lead Frog

A delightful little frog sculpture, cast in pure lead to last a lifetime.

Hand made by British craftsmen


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Pair of Cast Lead Birds - A5

Lead Birds

Beautifully rendered in pure lead, to last a lifetime in the garden.

Hand cast by UK craftsmen


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